2020 Conference Virtual Gallery

Welcome to the 12th Annual Midwest Cognitive Science Undergraduate Conference Virtual Gallery. While we are unable to host the conference as we normally would, this virtual gallery showcases the work of the undergraduate cognitive scientists who would have presented this year. Below you will find a combination of poster presentations and oral presentations from students around the country conducting important and interesting research. If you have any questions for the presenters or the MUCSC team, please email us at iu.mucsc@gmail.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you to everyone who submitted presentations and to our wonderful team of students who worked to make this alternative presentation format possible.

Taylor-Paige Guba, MUCSC Team Director


Cultivating Critical Thinking in Aphasia Communities: A Preliminary Study

Charlotte Hilker - Butler University, IN

Are You Ready to Test Your Patience? Delay Discounting of Money and Alcohol in All Subjects

Simon Hong - Indiana University, IN

Anaphora Resolution in English by Native Spanish and Chinese Speakers

Tovah Irwin - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, IL

Autonomy and Sense-Making: Problematizing the Individual in Social Cognition

Eli McGraw - Beloit College, WI

Brain Activation in Chronic Left Hemisphere Stroke during a Semantic Decision Task

Soumith Sanka - Indiana University, IN

Slides [PDF]

Long-Term Declarative Memory Recall in College Students Following Exposure to Familiar Music

Anita Sayar - Indiana University, IN


Inferential Priming of Solutions to Anagrams: A Divided Visual Field Paradigm

Claire Black, Divya Francis, and Peter Wilde Crea - DePaul University, IL

Diagnosing Short-Term Memory Scanning Using Systems Factorial Technology: A Conceptual Replication

Tylor Kistler and Monica Van Til - Grand Valley State University, MI

Description [PDF] | Poster [PDF]

Preserving Group Harmony: Does Confronting Prejudice Serve or Impede Collectivist Goals?

Gretchen Nihill - Indiana University, IN

Poster [PDF]

Using Eye Movements to Study Infants' Visual Attention in Real-World Word Learning Contexts

Jenny Yang - Indiana University, IN

Description [PDF] | Poster [PDF]

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